Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hexagons and Insanity

I enjoy hand piecing, it's portable and sociable

Ever since I saw this magazine, I was hooked on half inch hexies

The award winning cover quilt is titled Insanity by Rhonda Pearce

10,339 half-inch-a-side hexagons

Insanity I started on February 1st 2008 (2009?)  Originally, I cut my own papers and just used scraps of 30's repros.  Decided I really liked the pattern and bought pre-cut hexagon papers.  The background is a not so great no-name homespun.  The accent border is a 30's repro pink from 2000

Rubbish photo, but too big for laying out anywhere in my house

Insanity II started on the 24th July, 2010.  The day that a Kaffe Fassett workshop was announced for 2011.  I wanted some show and tell for the day.  Background Emma Louise 707 and the accent color is a Japanese solid from Amitie Textiles

Insanity III started on the 6th August, 2011.  Jo Morton fabrics and a lovely Judy Rothermel turkey red for accent, background is a natural homespun

I don't think it's odd to love a pattern so much that multiple quilts are made

These quilts have taken on a life of their own, they are mini celebrities.  I often go places and get asked if I've brought one.

Insanity II is within 1500 pieces of being finished and I'd better get cracking.  There's a Kaffe Fasset workshop next year, and I'm GOING!!!!

and if anyone's wondering, I do have several other hexagon quilts on the go.........

showing off my stuffs at Hexie Friday and Design Wall Monday


  1. I am floored! Three of them. My little flowers are being made with 1/2" hexies. They are fabulous, Chris - I especially like #2. Thanks for linking to Hexie Friday - and please keep showing us your progress. What an inspiration you are!!

  2. Awesomeness supreme! Happy Thanksgiving friend! Btw, I have been knitting hexagons lately, lol

  3. these are looking wonderful...could you do a few closeups of the Kaffe one? I cannot imagine working on three of these at one time...whew, you are one busy lady for sure...keep going and before long they will be finished....great job.

  4. Oh, wow! Look at you go with these! This quilt is one of those "I have to make one some day" items on my Futures list, so I can totally relate to working it in multiples.